Non surgical facelift


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Non Surgical facelift

Single treatment £45

Course of 6 treatments £190

Course of 10 treatments £290


What is non surgical facelift?

At The Dermavital Skin Clinic we use sillhouette Dermalift machine. Silhouette Dermalift is a non surgical facelift treatment that uses microcurrents and frequencies to gently lift and tone the muscle on and around the eyes, face and neck. Non surgical facelifts reduce fine lines and wrinkles which brings back the natrual glow and elasticity of youthfull skin, also reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.


It worsk by re-educating the muscle fibres, strengthening and toning the small muscles around the face and eyes, giving instant results after one treatment. A microcurrent face lift is a non-invasive and pain free cosmetic technique that safely and effectively improves the health and appearance of the skin .

This is 1 hour treatment uses non-surgical equipment to

● Reduce bags and water retention around the eye area

● Tone muscles

● Reduce double chin

● Firm and lift, reducing sagging of the skin

● Strengthen elasticity of the skin

● Improve overall brightness and appearance of the skin

● Safe alternative to cosmetic surgery

● Clinically proven to give significant improvements

These treatments are initially reccommended as a course of between 6 and 10 treatments, twice weekly, for 3-5 weeks, followed by a maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks.




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